Let me be your divorce coach, consultant, tax preparer, mediator and/or expert witness.

My experience and continuing education keeps me up to date on how the written law constantly changes in interpretation by the different county judges and finalization of different court cases.



Examples of areas that I may assist individuals and their legal counsel include:

  • Determination of actual income, especially for the self-employed
  • Evaluation of what you own and what you owe, otherwise known as assets and liabilities
  • Analyze court papers for financial omissions or misstatements
  • Forensic accounting to uncover missing or hidden assets
  • Discovering business valuation report deficiencies and suggesting adjustments to the fair market business value
  • Equitable distribution planning
  • Tax effects of income and distribution alternatives
  • Financial and tax planning for individuals, businesses, estates and trusts
  • Divorce coaching to improve negotiation skills
  • Creating innovative financial strategies to expedite settlement
  • Expert witness service to improve your odds of winning in court
  • Educate you on financial strategies to keep gifts, inheritances, and assets owned before marriage from becoming marital property

Let me help you and your attorney shorten the divorce process and minimize fees and court filings. Being proactive can increase your settlement by thousands of dollars, possibly even hundreds of thousands.  Tax saving recommendations alone may pay for the price of my fees.  

A certified public accountant specializing in divorce can give you peace of mind for many reasons. Please visit my testimonial page to see how my services have benefited others.  I know my assistance can help you too.  Please give me a call or send me an email today. Looking forward to hearing from you!